If you’ve clicked on my ‘About’ page to learn more about what makes me fabulous, you’ve learned I don’t cook.  If you’ve known me for a while, you know I don’t cook.  If you’ve come to a party at my house, you know I don’t cook.

Am I clear?  I don’t cook.   Don’t get me wrong.  I watched Julie & Julia and just like a lot of you, I liked it.   And to me that’s cooking.  Cooking is not boiling water and feeding your daughter pasta every other night.  Cooking is not blending up some Bisquick and milk to make brinner (breakfast (pancakes) for dinner).   Dialing up Pizza Hut or Jimmy John’s is not coooking. Luckily my husband cooks so this family gets fed.

And yet, even without any cooking talents or desire, I’ve amassed quite the cookbook collection.

I’ve got the Betty Crocker.  I should be able to make just about anything with a Slow Cooker.  I’ve got a book titled “How to Cook.” It’s tiny and shouldn’t intimidate.  I even bought Jessica Seinfeld’s Deceptively Delicious with the best of intentions.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Not only do you want me to cook, you want me to puree fruits and vegetables, freeze them in ice cube trays, save them in plastic bags just so I can later pull out the ingredients for these recipes.

But then I look at my kids.  CRAP!  These little guys deserve good food.  I hear it’s a basic need.  And I should give them some quality food.   As much as they eat the SteamFresh peas as if they are candy, there is probably something better I can and should be making for dinner (damn you GUILT).   I could ask for cookbook recommendations, but let’s be honest.  I’ve got everything I need right here.  I just need to find some motivation to read, shop, pour & cook. (God that sounds like a lot!)

I recently saw Kathy Freston “The Vegan” on Oprah and the Vegan Challenge.  I really thought I’m gonna do this.  No, really. This is how we can get healthier.  Maybe I should get her new cookbook.

I only cook SteamFresh Veggies for my family and seldom do I eat them myself.  And I think an entire plant based diet is something I can do.  What the hell is wrong with me?