naked feet

Socks. I don’t wear them. I live in the north and we have winter.  You still won’t find me in socks.  I wear my boots without socks. Slippers without socks. Heels without socks. (DRAMATIC PAUSE: If you wear socks and heels please stop reading NOW. 1983 is calling and they want their socks back.)

My feet belong naked.

I grew up in the even more north and I remember my best friend in high school gave me a big box of socks for my birthday. (It really was better than this sounds. “Best friend gives box o’socks.”) It still makes me laugh. The care & concern she had for my feet.

Naked feet. My feet belong naked. In flip flops. On a warm island. All the time.

The only time I’d wear socks is with running shoes. To the gym. And we know that just doesn’t happen.