naked feet

Socks. I don’t wear them. I live in the north and we have winter.  You still won’t find me in socks.  I wear my boots without socks. Slippers without socks. Heels without socks. (DRAMATIC PAUSE: If you wear socks and heels please stop reading NOW. 1983 is calling and they want their socks back.)

My feet belong naked.

I grew up in the even more north and I remember my best friend in high school gave me a big box of socks for my birthday. (It really was better than this sounds. “Best friend gives box o’socks.”) It still makes me laugh. The care & concern she had for my feet.

Naked feet. My feet belong naked. In flip flops. On a warm island. All the time.

The only time I’d wear socks is with running shoes. To the gym. And we know that just doesn’t happen.

One thought on “naked feet

  1. I am RIGHT there with you. I do indulge in the trouser sock with a pantsuit for work, but I also prefer all footwear (save my running shoes) to be sans socks. I wore pantyhose (even the WORD is horrible) for the last time in 1999. I told everyone that I wouldn’t wear them for my wedding and I didn’t. I got married in October and because it was a cool Cleveland day, I needed a muff for my hands when we were taking outdoor photos but I wore open-toed sandals the entire day! And my something blue? Sparkly blue toenail polish with teeny-tiny rhinestones at the edges for a “french” pedicure (the brilliant idea of my very young manicurist at the time.) Fabulous! My feet are happiest with sand between my toes or in my Croc flipflops!

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