SH!T my house does to me

We bought our house from a couple in the middle of a divorce and my husband is convinced this place is cursed against women. Yes, I live in a home that hates women, which kinda sucks for me ‘cuz well, ya, I’m all woman!  Shit only breaks when he travels and well, he’s been traveling a lot lately! Garages doors don’t open, DVR boxes break (what the hell am I gonna do with the kids now?), gates that keep the dogs corralled fall apart, light bulbs burn out, door knobs fall off…

And basements flood.  Newly painted basement floors go to shit! Destroyed. Which I’m so thankful for cause we had nothing on our list of things to do this weekend, so yipppeeee!  Another f’n house project. One that was just completed a couple of months ago. Which brings me to: Dear Sherwin-Williams, is your concrete floor paint really not supposed to stand up to anything, like water?? What the hell! You are my paint of choice but I’m seriously considering dating others.

And let me be clear: NONE OF THIS OCCURS WHILE HE IS IN THE HOUSE! So damn you Mrs. I used to live in your house! Damn you.

Insert photo of not my basement for dramatic effect:

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