what the hell am I doing?

I’m good at talking.  I have a lot to say.  Sometimes good, sometimes not.  Always brutally honest from my point of view and usually with a (INSERT BAD WORD HERE). Sometimes witty, usually sarcastic.

I wasn’t a big blog follower. I followed dooce. And I followed….no one else really. Didn’t know anyone that called themselves a blogger.

That all changed a couple weeks ago. And now I’m tripping over all my new bookmarks. (SHIT – not another thing to organize.  I. AM. NO. GOOD. AT. THAT) I’ve been stumbling around the internet, coming across some great sites, then never finding them again. (Hence no links here, but check out my blogroll.  I’m trying to collect & share!)

Since I’m new at this I’m stuck in the “who’s checking me out?” stage.  Kinda like when I go to the grocery store – I haven’t showered today nor did I bother to throw on a bra so “who’s checking me out?”  Similar but different.

Newbie bloggers fall into a routine of checking their Site Stats. Over & over & over & over. C’mon you know you’re doing it! So while I’m checking these stats, um “many” times/day, I see you’re enjoying my banter because I’m getting traffic. VERY QUIET traffic, but traffic nonetheless. (YOU CAN COMMENT. I like getting responses when I talk. I’m strange like that.)  I wanted & needed an outlet for my wit, and this has become a great, entertaining outlet.

You’ve given me feedback on facebook (pimp: go like the ottmama.com fan page would ya?!).  You’ve given me feedback to my face (warning: this link may be scary to young children and very pretty people.) My favorite to date is my neighbors who pass their phone around at the bar, drinking and laughing at my posts.  (Yes, new on my to do list is calling Hasbro and turning my life into a game. Then making millions. Then moving to a warm island. Where my feet can be naked ALL THE TIME!)

You and me are more alike than we know.  Almost every time I share an honest story with a friend/neighbor/acquaintance/stranger, I’ll get a “ME  TOO!”  Well, dammit why didn’t you ever tell me first? Regardless, I’ll still keep putting my stuff out there.

As I’ve perused the internets, exploring what’s out there & how I fit in, I came across the following which will become the mantra of ottmama.com.  With humor and wit added of course!  (Thank you Neil Kramer! You’ve got another reader.)

“How do I continue to be honest and open about my life, exposing my weaknesses, neuroses, fears, and failures, expressing my battered mind, broken heart, and timid soul with authentic words and emotions during the day, and still convince others that I am normal enough to have sex with at night?”   –Neil Kramer Citizen of the Month (2/21/2011)

2 thoughts on “what the hell am I doing?

  1. Julie!! I totally can hear your voice when I’m reading your blog and I can truely say that I so enjoy it!! I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I’ve laughed so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants in the past year – sad, I know (the life of a stay at home mom can get a little crazy/dull). A high percentage of the time we spent together at college was probably me running to the bathroom so I wouldn’t pee myself b/c of your, what was part of your mantra, “neuroses, battered mind, and AUNTHENTIC words”. Please keep posting! LOVE IT!!!

  2. New favorite: Making readers pee! Love it Shari & thanks for the trip down memory lane from The Towers.

    Remember that one time, “late” at night, I got stuck in the stairwell, which I’d thought was the bathroom…..nevermind, I’ll send you a personal note :-)!

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