cheese curls & chicken wings

Each week I volunteer in my son’s classroom.  Yesterday I had a chance to read his story notebook.  Maybe this will prove to you that I really don’t cook.

And YES, you can leave me comments that your kids write about celery and carrots.  And I will reply, but this is way funnier!

3 thoughts on “cheese curls & chicken wings

  1. AH, and yes he is your child! They could be home made wings, you know?!?!? You could continue having us all think you cook….. ?!??! This is too funny! I didn’t know you are there every week – how very special!

  2. Christine – He’s about to turn 7. When he told me about the chicken wing story he said there was also ranch dressing lightening :-)!! Glad I got to read it myself and enjoy the artwork.

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