margaritas & bronzer

I have a dear friend.  Let’s call her THE K.  Yesterday she made the mistake of saying she’d rather have snow than the grey, rainy day we were having.  She took a lot of heat for that comment as we were forecasted to get 8-12″ inches. I kindly asked her to show up to shovel my walk by 10 am today.  She still hasn’t arrived. And it’s way past 10 am.

For those familiar with 8-12″ inches of snow, you know that probably also means SNOW DAY. I believe this is snow day #327 this year. Maybe it just feels like it.  So the kids are home today. And I really don’t want to talk about that!

So back to THE K. Not only did she say she’d prefer rain to the snow, I believe she said, and I quote, “BRING IT!” Oh yeah, K is hard core. She taunts Mother Nature.

And this morning, Mother Nature brought it. And it’s still coming. The news of the snow day put me over the edge. Below is my facebook post this am, and the joy that followed.

(I will use first initials to protect the innocent)

ME: NO MORE SNOW DAYS! This is insane and so am I! (THE K – get your a$$ over here and shovel my walk)

M: yeah THE K. Then come watch my kids.

K: (not THE K. apparently she didn’t rise til later in the morning) THE K, when you’re done at Julie’s get over here. I believe your exact words were, “Bring it.” Well it’s been brought.

E: I’ve officially lost my mind. Forget the coffee, I’m hitting the hootch. I think I’ll go put my bathing suit on and start mixing some margaritas.

M: As soon as the plow comes I’m coming to your house E – we’re out of coffee anyway.

(for those wondering, no THE K is still not out of bed for this banter! Probably resting up for her day of shoveling)

J: Sounds like we could put a whole new spin on ‘the snow day’

ME: And this is why you’re my friends! I’ve got the Jose Cuervo in the fridge, bronzer in the bathroom. I’ll be the hairy, orange girl stumbling up your driveway. Keep an eye out for me!

J: THE K is obviously not up yet! She better get moving she has a lot of shoveling to do!

THE K awakens

THE K: My wit is not awake yet, but if we’re going to have a playdate with bronzer and margaritas then I am in!

ME: While that’s a great idea THE K, none of us can get out of our houses, cause you haven’t shoveled yet!


So if you’re out tonight and see a bunch of orange ladies stumbling in and out of snow drifts, you can thank THE K cause we just had a helluva playdate!

And for those of you somewhere the sun is shining today, here’s what you need before you can have an appropriate playdate:

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