movin’ on up

We got the house! We got the house! OH MY GOD, we got the house.

Oh what a week it’s been.  Last weekend at this time we were heading out house hunting and by the end of the day Saturday, I was none too happy about the experience. Late Saturday, I scrambled to find some more houses to look at since we were at least getting closer on the right location. Sunday morning we set out to look at 3 more properties. 1 was crosssed off the list with just a driveby. (NOTE to my fellow house hunters: The internet lies! What the photos don’t tell you is that “of course it’s a walk out basement cause the front yard to back yard drops 15 feet into a ravine”)

The first house of the day looked, from the outside, like several others we’d seen or driven by. I’d already resigned myself to the fact that in suburbia the rumor of cookie-cutter construction is in fact true, but the other benefits: the great schools, lots of kids, easy & close to shopping etc. outweighed the fact that my new house would also be the new house 3 doors down, and around the corner and on the backside of the other street.

The pictures online of this first house showed a great great room with cathedral ceiling & custom river rock fireplace, a first floor study and a KILLER master bath.  What it didn’t show was the kitchen. And we all know the kitchen is the room where everyone gathers. And I can say that even if I don’t cook.

I was sure (cause I’m a pessimist. Yeh I said it) that the kitchen would be awful. You know what I’m talking about, the green laminate, cheap cabinets, old fixtures, 12 year old appliances. All the stuff I saw on Saturday in this same price range, and we’d never actually upgrade although we’d talk about it. WOW, was I in for the best surprise ever!

So we walk in. Study to my right, nice wall of built-ins, not sure of the paint color. Living room to my left, dining room behind. Standard fare. I walk through both those rooms and turn right. Into the kitchen, great room combo along the back side of the house.

HALLELUJAH! Does anyone else hear those angels singing? Did we really just find our new house? Me likey! A LOT. Head upstairs. Kids bath has two sinks (photo online didn’t show that). Master bedroom (again, not in the online photos) great cathedral ceilings, great paint colors. Master bath, even nicer than the photos. Laundry room; well, I am not deserving of these units as I do not recognize anything newer than an older Maytag.

Okay, where do I sign? Wait, wait. This house is in our price range? Okay, where do I sign?

Come to find out we are buying this house from a cardiologist and his family who are really, really movin’ on up. They’re a young family with four young kids that just purchased an 8 acre um, estate nearby. So ott mama is moving on up. To suburbia.

I told Mike this morning that this is the first real thing that I have ‘no buts’ about. He looked at me oddly & we both starting laughing really hard. I quickly readjusted my comment to clarify ‘first thing I’ve purchased.’ As we all know, I didn’t purchase Mike.

Here’s photos of how my luck turned in the adventure of house hunting.

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