kinda like Rockefeller only not. my life as a land baron.

In my neighborhood, when you purchase a new home and still own your old one, we call you a Land Baron. It may sound like the most flattering of titles. Extra flattering since my area of the Rust Belt City was once popular with the Rockefellers and who doesn’t like to continue the traditions of the ‘hood.

Us Land Barons are not the richest of people. We haven’t quite captured the Trumpness of Land Baronhood. But we do own more than 1 property. But not by choice. We are told to ignore what we’d previously paid for said property so we offer the public great deals on said properties.  Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of public looking for property.

So who’s buying? I give you a 1920s home filled with charm and character. I throw in a new roof & 3 stories of refinished hardwoods, pottery barn colors and updated bath. If you’re nice to me and negotiate well, I’ll even leave a couple of a/c window units in the basement. What I cannot promise is a repainted basement floor. (Prospective buyers: the chips & scrapes on the basement floor only provide you even more of that 1920s charm and character you so desire.)

I’m willing to own the Land Baron title for a few more months, but please don’t call me LandLord.

And then you said...

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