Seven years ago today, I was induced. Seven years ago today, a very unpleasant 10 months FINALLY came to an end. Don’t get me wrong, I hated being pregnant. No. I really hated being pregnant. I’m pretty sure I never glowed. Nothing serious happened. I guess in the grand scheme of things it would have been classified as an easy pregnancy.

But I gained a lot weight. I had severe pain in my hip when I tried to sleep. I got all twisted up in my pregnancy pillow and almost suffocated. I couldn’t breathe properly. I could no longer shave important parts. I had no way of knowing if I was wearing matching shoes. They tell me it was all normal.

My final doctors’ visit was on a Friday. I was due the following Tuesday. My doctor (aka one of the best men in the world) said “You seem uncomfortable. Would you like to start induction on Monday?” By uncomfortable, what I heard him say was “you’re horribly bloated, your blood pressure is high and we should get this baby out.”

BEST NEWS I’D EVER BEEN GIVEN!  Yes, please get this little man out.

After a long weekend, but a good one as my mom & sister were able to travel in from out of town, we headed to the hospital at 3 am. I remember stopping to get gas. I also remember wondering why the #$@#$%%$% there wasn’t already gas in the car. We arrived at the hospital with no idea of what was about to happen. We’d taken the tour and all I was really sure of was I couldn’t wait to put on the net underwear & the pad that went from my belly button to the middle of my back.  Good times were upon us.

Induction starts with an IV. Placed near the wrist. Which has very thick skin. I about passed out. It’s 5 am. I should not be awake and the needles are starting already. Can we regroup?

10 “short” hours later with a little bit of vomiting and whole lotta beached-whaliness, we welcomed The Boy to the world.

This kid is beyond incredible and as everyone says the past 7 years have flown by. And unlike everyone saying you glow when you’re pregnant, this time flying thing is really true.

To The Boy – you are such an amazing kid with so much talent. You’ve brought so much laughter and kindness to this family, and I could not love you more! I love you to the moon & back a million, gazillion times.

Love, Mommy

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