how much longer?

Just how much longer do I have to pretend to keep it together? Yesterday was a flat tire & 2 hours spent at the dealership, wondering if I was going to get out in time to pick up the eldest.

This morning, in attempting to open a window in our 1920s home filled with charm & character, it shattered upon me. Today will be 60+ degrees in Rust Belt City and all I wanted was SOME FRESH AIR!!!

I’m gonna go ahead and say it: I don’t think that was greedy nor should I have to bear the wrath that was placed upon me.

I get there’s earthquakes, radiation, famine, cancers & other horrible things directly affecting others. But c’mon! I’m selfishly crying UNCLE already!

(And for those keeping up, flip flop crisis has been averted as they have been located and my feet are currently sunning! Part of the world is righting itself as my feet are naked again, so I will continue to hang on by a thread. And YES, my feet are gross & pasty white.  We just had winter people, and I put my body on a horribly low maintenance plan. (irony: flip flops were “lost” in my gym bag.)  Will try to post new photo of feet around August or so!)

And then you said...

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