words & phrases I’d be okay never hearing again

Lately, and only lately of course, certain things really set me off.    I can go from 0-60 just by having to interact with people. Actually, it’s just people I have to interact with by conversing.  Those people I interact with while watching The Ellen Show, Real Housewives (pick your location) or iCarly seem pretty harmless while filled with good intentions.

As for the rest of you, some ground rules.  Please avoid the following when we talk or you can watch me shut down right in front of you. Mom always told me I didn’t have to say anything, it’s written all over my face.  (Translated: you don’t have to be very smart to know what I think of you…)

  • With the windchill it feels like 8 degrees right now
  • Are we there yet?
  • Moist
  • Have you shared this with the powers that be?
  • Tonight, expect another 6-8 inches
  • We liked it, but….
  • We need to integrate
  • Ma’am – do you realize how fast you were going?
  • Are those real?

Tell me some of your favorites!