the day time disappeared

The Boy can now tell time. Which makes his world a little more real and mine a whole lot harder.

We used to own time.

We could let them watch tv for another 15 minutes and shut it off 5 minutes later.

We could celebrate New Years Eve with friends and have the ball drop at 9:07. “YEH, it’s midnight. Happy New Year!”  Blow your horns. Hoot. Holler. (OH, yes we did! A whole room of us parents lied to our children and made midnight occur at 9:07 pm. It was magical.) Driving home The Boy proclaimed; “I’ve never been up so late.” It was maybe 10 pm.

Leaving the house on our time has been jeopardized.  “We are leaving this house in 5 minutes!”  We try to get out the door in 2 minutes. “But dad! You said five minutes!”

And it’s time to add to the hell on earth list as he can now call bullshit when I try to pull off 7:45 pm as 9 pm.

Damn you first grade & all the things you want to teach my son!

I want time back. I’m the mom, and I call dibs!

And then you said...

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