roots are expensive

In attempt to get out of our current, not forever house, we’ve lowered the price another $10k. (Yes, another means again in this scenario.) I’ve also buried Saint Joseph in the backyard. Seems there are a lot of options on where and how to bury him. (I chose shovel.) Backyard. Front yard. Near the for sale sign. In a corner of the yard. 3 feet from the house. Facing the house. Facing the street. Facing the new house. The only commonality is feet pointed to the heavens. (that means upside down for my atheist readers.)

And I’m supposed to pray before, during and after the burying. So yes, I’m now a “prayer.”  Is that what they are called? I will take any other prayers who want to pray along with me.  Amen. Ohm. God Bless You. Repeat after me…

God, I pray I did it the right way!