defining a snob

First it was the tic-tac-toe argument. Then the tshirts. And now I’m afraid I may have married a snob.

(SETTING: Dinnertime.  While waiting for mommy the waitress to serve dinner)

Me to Will: That’s cat. No one won that round. Let’s play again.

Mike: What’s cat?

Me: It’s when you tie in tic-tac-toe.

Mike: No it’s not!

Me: Yes it is! Haven’t you ever played tic-tac-toe?

Mike: No. We were more of a chess family.

WELL EXCUSE ME FANCY PANTS! Surprised you didn’t add “and I’ve never lost a game of tic-tac-toe!”

Then a few days later, after the movin’ on up house was purchased, he almost made me pee my pants:

Mike: Wow! I can’t believe we got that house.

Me: I know. I’m super excited too!

Mike: I’ll have to get rid of all of my tshirts.

If you have a husband, a live-in, a boy of any kind (except the fashionably gay variety) you know exactly why he said this.  Every tshirt he owns is more than 4 years old and the thread “quality” may not be in the same shape it once was.

I got no problem with the new tshirts! I believe someone has been demanding recommending you do this for a few years now, but the moment you start wearing pastel polos, collar up, boat shoes and some madras shorts we are gonna need to talk MR HIGH & MIGHTY FANCY PANTS! (Go ahead picture it…….you’re welcome)

Now go draw yourself some tic-tac-toe boards. I got something to teach you!

6 thoughts on “defining a snob

  1. And yes, I would be brave enough to post this as my status, if only for an hour, because we all need to raise awareness that doosh baggery via pink polos is not okay. I am brave and resilient enough to look dbaggery in the face. But are you? Are you?

  2. Well crapola, my first comment did not show up. It was about pink polos on men or boys, and penny loafers. I now know what to give mike for going away present

  3. Hmmmm…snob? As an ott in law and general observer of ottness, I would go with nerd before snob! But I married the state school ott:)

  4. And I married the Ott that married beneath himself. Another state school girl! Maybe for the shore, a pink shirt and some madras? I’ll wear my chanels cuz we are so those people!

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