the brazilian

I hate my hair. I’ve always hated my hair. It has a “texture” unlike anyone else. Each time I visit a new stylist I get offered magical, new products that will solve my problem make me prettier.  The stylists I stick with for several years keep telling me we will see improvements. Still waiting.

Earlier this year I decided to try the Brazilian Blowout. I talked to Mike about the “big expense” but I don’t think he ever got past the word Brazilian and he agreed with the expense. (Did you think I was going to brazilian my whole body for $300?) I read all about it online. It’s natural and creates stunning results. It’s formaldehyde and your eyes will burn into your skull during the process. Since I’m in love with my stylist Stephen I decided to trust him and go for it.

The results were amazing and for several weeks my routine included several options: wash & go. wash & blow dry. don’t wash. None of these options required a flat iron and all of the options created styles I could wear to the grocery store or the Country Club (or I could if I belonged to one.) One requirement is to use sodium free shampoos and conditioners to maintain the results and I was required to sign a waiver prior to the process that I would agree to use sodium free products.  The smart people at Brazilian Blowout have even been smart enough to brand an entire line of products “Brazilian Blowout” for you to use and at a very steep price.  If you read the back of these bottles, you will find sodium listed. I’m still perplexed!

I’ve reached a point now where a flat iron added to the routine is a definite maybe should.  The ends are a bit rough. I see my past coming back and sometime here soon, all of my glorious natural texture will have returned.  Also seems to be some roots to prove there’s been some growth in the past few months.

(TANGENT: Anyone else out there have hair that grows at approximately 1/2-1 inch per year? I pretend I’m going to grow it out but it just ends up in a mommy bob, which I find horribly boring so I cut it again super short a la Halle Berry or Michelle Williams. And yes, I look “just like” either of them with their short hair. Ponytail? Never had one, but maybe some day! Billy Idol in the a.m. after a night of my head on the pillow? Been pulling that one off like a Rock Star for years!!)

So I really can’t decide if I’m going to go with the It’s natural and creates stunning results. It’s formaldehyde and your eyes will burn into your skull during the process Brazilian Blowout again anytime soon. I’m mostly convinced it was a good ride while it lasted.

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