maybe just one “but…”

So I think I told a lie. For those of you following along, I said there are no but’s about our movin’ on up house. As the close date and move dates approach, my mind is filled with ideas of just how to make this house our home. And I think I may have an encountered a “but…”

The study. I knew when we first walked in that the walls did not speak to me. This was not a color choice I would have made. As bold as I am, this color was very bold in relation to the rest of the house.

To me, the entire space feels too masculine. Maybe it’s the massive desk and all the mahogany. It’s just not me. This space will become my new home office. It’s where I’ll spend my days. I must enjoy it. I must be inspired to continue my great work and hours and hours of focus. In my very busy head, I’ve considered a gazillion different color combos for this one small room. All include paint. Already this makes me tired. This new house is very well finished, probably way better than we could have done, and all I wanna do is be lazy and just move on in, get settled and get on with things. We’ve painted too many rooms in this current craptastic house that won’t sell, and I have absolutely no desire, not a lick, to find the nearest Sherwin-Williams in my new neighborhood.

Which leads me to a discovery that I think just may solve this “but…” situation. I have a dear, dear friend and for the purposes of protecting her identity I will call her Tank. Tank is a paint junkie like myself and loves redesigning spaces. She introduced me to the amazing couple at I’ve become their newest site stalker. I need inspired. I need easy, cheap improvement ideas that are more modern than the country or tuscan inspiration I find on so many, many sites. I need to find a solution to this office situation. And I believe they may have just solved my “but…”

While stalking their project pages, I came across their post Pick From A Few Chic Paint Palettes. I’m chic. I need some paint palettes recommended to me. And low & behold, the following palette appeared before my eyes:

Please look closely at the 2nd blue. Look at the study walls. Look at the 2nd blue in the palette. Look at the study walls. Are you still with me? They pretty much match. I believe I’ve just regrouped in my head, and I haven’t even picked up a paint brush.

So here’s what’s gonna happen:

  • We are gonna move.
  • These study walls will remain their current color.
  • I will insert my new white office desk (tangent: this desk was formerly known as my first white dining table in my first studio apt, repurposed as our current laundry table, soon to live a third life as my new desk. You know what they say, third one’s a charm. I don’t know how this is relevant.)
  • I will also purchase some persimmon paint per their recommendation within this palette.
  • I will also find some persimmon colored accessories.
  • I will also probably start calling persimmon rust as persimmon is a much too difficult word for common folk like myself.

Call it what you will, I’m going to call it a solution to my “but…” and I think it just might work. No more buts. Except maybe the laundry room which might be too mustard. But what do I care? It’s not like I’ll be spending any time in there!!

2 thoughts on “maybe just one “but…”

  1. I love that those colors were for the office palette too. How about the built in shelves. Are they staying as is? No opinion yet…just wondering!

  2. So in this new scenario the built-ins remain as is. In one of the gazillion color combos I’ve put together in my head, the built-ins get painted white, the walls a light grey and chartreuse or a yellow would be used as the accent/accessory color.

    But that seems like A LOT of work!

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