dear mother nature

We are at a point in our relationship where we can talk openly, right? Ok, good. Here goes. Things aren’t really working out with us. It’s really more you than me. You don’t seem the same. You’re cloudy and dark. You used to be sunny and cheerful but I’m just not seeing that in you lately.

I recognize it’s that time of year and if I may be so bold, you seem hot, then you seem cold. Since we had a little something something going I’ll let you know I’ve got a great doctor to recommend if you want to go talk to someone. I don’t have these conversations with her just yet, but I’m getting small clues that maybe someday soon. Maybe you can broach the subject with her and let me know how it goes.

And can we talk about last Friday night? Apparently you had a party in my backyard. I don’t remember getting an invitation and you did a horribly crappy job cleaning up after yourself.


I’m really not happy with you and your shenanigans but I went ahead and cleaned you after you (yes, you’re welcome). I won’t tolerate you doing it again. Nevermind, it’s no longer there to blow over again. Yes, we had to put it on the curb. Yes, you destroyed it.

This is not like you. So here’s what’s gonna need to happen if we are going to keep seeing each other. You need to change. Yes, it’s you, not me. STOP being so gray and moody. Warm up a little bit, maybe wear things a little brighter.

You know you can do it. You’ve got me and about a million other people north of the Mason Dixon line cheering you on!

And then you said...

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