Dear Hannah,

Yesterday you turned five and I gotta be honest with you, I really don’t know where the past 5 years have gone.  Let’s admit though, between just you and me, some of those days have been very, very trying long.

You’ve heard people say that you are just like me and I deny it. They really couldn’t be more right! You are independent, stubborn, strong-willed and really, really like your sleep. Just like your mom. Here’s one of our favorite looks of yours.  You’ve had it since the day you were born and you wear it well.

As difficult as you can be, in your attempt to be just like your mom, you are clever, hilarious and super smart! I love watching you help your older brother with his homework. I love watching you in a tutu & necklace playing lacrosse aggressively. I love watching you help dad in the kitchen or baking Christmas cookies in just your underwear.

I often ask you to wear some clothes a coat and you always tell me you are a fireball. You have no idea how true that really is!

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