one last time

This Wednesday a very large truck will pull up in front of our current house and out will pop many magical men.  These magical men will walk into my house, lay down cardboard to protect floors and bannisters.  Eight to nine hours later these magical men will have all of our belongings (minus beds, sheets & towels) all packed away in said truck. These magical men return Thursday morning to gather up the beds, sheets & towels. We then all meet up on the flip side to magically put all of our belongings right where they belong. Simple, right?

Before they come, I feel like my list is never ending and it’s an ever evolving list that’s existed for months. We are now at crunch time. There are clothes to be packed in a suitcase, as if going on vacation for 3-4 days. There’s a lawn full of dandelions, that thank the good lord some nice, young couple is going to inherit.  We should probably mow these dandelions before departing. There’s dog bowls, food and treats that need packed away for easy access.  There’s furniture that needs a big ole “NO” post it note placed upon it since are not taking some things south with us. There’s a goodbye cake to make for some incredible 1st graders and there’s one last Spring Concert to attend at a school that’s been our home for the past 7 years. (sniffle, sniffle) And there’s a trip to see Stephen to fix these roots & pretend to cut my hair into some sorta matronly bob one last time.

One last time. The phrase that is really starting to hit me and carry so much weight. Yesterday, we drove from our new house back up to Rust Belt City one last time. We are having some friends over for Dewey’s pizza one last time. We are drinking with the neighbors on their porch one last time. I hit the grocery store at 8am this morning for juice boxes one last time. (Okay due to my incredible lack of planning I will probably have to do this again, but not at the same, great grocery store.)

Our excitement for new neighborhood, new house, new adventures is overwhelming, and we’ve struggled to leave the new house on Sunday afternoons the couple of weekends we have been down there.  But there are a lot of things and people that aren’t just things and people to me up here. Wednesday will come quickly and before I know it, it will be Sunday afternoon and we will not be taking the usual drive north. We will be in our new home, but in my head will be those things and people.

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