C to the L to the E

I can remember our very first week here so clearly.  It was more than 6 1/2 years ago. We’d relocated for my job and we brought with us our 5 month old son and two dogs.  I’d found a daycare for Will but needed a couple of weeks of temporary care until there was space available for him at his new “school.”

I was a new mom, in a new town, in a new house with a new job in a new location with new people all around me – work and home, remember this included a bouncing 5 month old baby boy. To say I didn’t have much sense of what I was doing would be a grand understatement. I remember leaving that first day for my new job. Mike was traveling, and I was leaving my 5 month old with a complete stranger. I had to get in my car and drive downtown by way of a route I wasn’t even sure of.

But this place, the Heights, so very quickly became our home. We had our second kid here. I put my first dog down here, and we adopted our third puppy here. We made some incredible life long friends here. We drank a little too much with the neighbors more often than not and started a family tradition of outdoor Sunday football parties. I worked with some incredibly smart & funny people on what will forever be known as the 14th floor. And the great people at UWKs have helped me mold two amazing young, smart kids.

So as I sit here listening to shipping tape be torn and watch strange men pack up boxes in my house, I’m reminded of that first morning here when I left my son with a stranger.  That once 5 month old kid is now about as tall as I am, he’s got a sister to pester and be pestered by, and he’s got a mom & dad that take almost 7 years of fantabulous memories along with them to the next stop on their adventure.

Thank you Cleveland.  You’ve been more than good to us and for that I’m thankful!

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