the little things

I went to my new grocery store yesterday and I left crying. I know, WHAT THE WHAT? No, it wasn’t the thought of cooking. Which to someone with my kitchen talents, is entirely plausible!

I couldn’t find stuff, simple stuff and it was so painful. We’d been before for a short list. You know, milk…bread….juice boxes. All easily findable in large, general locations. The list last night had what I thought were easily findable items in large, general locations. Items like vanilla, pepperoni, pizza crust, sour cream. The list went on and on and presented some “challenges.”

Let’s review together:

Vanilla – near the baking items. Baking items found. No vanilla, but do I have flour in my new house? Think so. Now where the hell is the vanilla? I’ve got 2 kids at home that need entertained so we are whipping up some cookies. Please, universe just point me to the vanilla. Vanilla found near the spices, near the chef boyardee. Okay, that’s new! Do I even know where the vanilla was back home? Maybe spices, but they were right next to the baking stuff. I think…

Pepperoni – near all the deli meats which covers a large section of the back wall of the store. This one will be easy. Scanning, looking…I see pepperoni tucked in some Lunchables. Not quite what I’m looking for. Now scanning in reverse direction. OMFG, where is the pepperoni? I’ve got two kids at home that need entertained so we are whipping up some pizzas at lunch tomorrow. Hey Mr. Butcher man – where do I find the pepperoni? Oh at the end cap of the freezer aisle. Now why didn’t I think to look there?? Silly me.

Sour cream – again easy. Whole back corner and side of the store is dairy. Sour cream = dairy. Easy peasy. Milk, butter, eggs, yogurt, Simply Juice juices….sour cream? hello sour cream? Oh, I just missed it as it was just past the Lunchables that I’d flicked off moments ago.

I now feel like it’s 90 minutes later (really only 50), and I’ve just walked 6 miles back & forth across A LOT of aisles. Apparently they don’t sell Cholula sauce and/or I simply gave up trying to look for it. This move has been very, very easy but this trip to the grocery store sent me OVER. THE. EDGE. I left the store with tears in my eyes while laughing at myself. It’s just grocery shopping; such a little thing.

In a big move like this it’s the little things. I had magical men move us. I don’t have any walls to paint. I have a killer bathtub of which to sit in while drinking a glass of wine. I think of all these things in an attempt to balance out that horrifically, life-changing trip to the grocery store!

If I can’t master this grocery store thing, my family may be forced to continue to enjoy take out! Will seems okay with that.

One thought on “the little things

  1. You know what, though? I think even if you *had* had to do all the big stuff (and don’t underestimate the big stuff you have done), something as simple as taking way too long to navigate an unfamiliar grocery store can set things off, like “I want my OLD grocery store!” I had that a little bit when I moved to the Heights. Sorry it was a rough outing.

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