i burned my muffin top

I’m not a fancy dresser. Pick a season and you’ll find me in a t-shirt or tunic and any sort of elastic topped pants. Sometimes jeans; often not.

And now it’s summertime which translates to cheap t-shirt season for me. I recently stocked up at the local Old Navy and apparently this season they decided t-shirts from past seasons were way too thick. How did I learn this? Did I compare the fabric from last years t-shirt to one from this year? Did I get a good feel of these t-shirts while in the store by gently rubbing the fabric between my fingers?

Nope. I simply burned my muffin top.  Thass right. My muffin top got fried, and I discovered the hard way that this years tshirts from Old Navy are incredibly thin.

Let’s back up, shall we: this past weekend was Memorial Day. We had most of my husband’s family in town to see the new house and drink a crapload celebrate the long weekend. That drinking celebrating mostly occurred on the back deck and like all good mothers I was militant at sunscreening me and my kids. What I didn’t sunscreen was skin covered by clothing. As usual, since I’m quite modest, my “midsection” was covered by clothing so this did not get the sunscreen treatment.

Let’s fast forward to the next day. I’m standing in the kitchen and I start itching my “midsection.” And I CAN. NOT. STOP. I escort myself to the bathroom to take a look and holy, holy! I am one hot, red mess.

It’s now a couple days later and I still find my hand wandering to the burnt muffin top as I sit here at my desk. Picture it. You’re welcome.

Today’s lesson, brought to you by Old Navy: spray your whole body with sunscreen, unless body part is covered in latex, spandex, polyester or vinyl (who am I to judge?).

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