one last #%^&%$#@

May I never, ever again have the privilege of trying to sell a house in a super crappy market! I know, I know, I know…”shut up LADY! You and your magical St Joseph sold your house.” Right, I hear ya!

However, yesterday was a bit of a nightmare and I’m going to write all about it an attempt to let it go and move on with my life share. As you may know we had our house on the market for about 4 months and the place sold. Which was great news as we’d already found our new house and plans were in the works to move.

After not much negotiating we took a huge loss agreed on a sale price, had the inspection and the appraiser came by. The inspection went well. Only a couple of things to fix on the side & back of the garage. Oh & the city added 1/2 a driveway apron and a block of sidewalk needing replaced to an already violation free inspection, but whatever. Nothing major, nothing in the house, so easy enough.

Easy enough until you hire crap contractors and attempt to monitor work from several hours away! The work took way too long and wasn’t done completely.  This required the husband to take a day trip North last Saturday to fix a bunch o’crap. By the end of the day, all was well & fixed. Our agent even said so.

Yesterday, the buyers agent did the final walk through for them since they are from out of town. She said all look great except the white paint splattered on the driveway. WHAT THE WHAT? Our agent went by the place and took a picture. What the what quickly turned into much, much, much more violent language on my part!

Who the____ did this ____ paint job on my ___ driveway you stupid _____(s)!!  (attempt at MadLibs in light of all my underage readers)

We had neighbors try to clean it (THANK YOU!), we offered up even more cash to the buyers just to make it go away. The buyers simply want it cleaned. Fair enough! So this morning our agent has some magic guy coming by to clean it up.

And until this is fixed, the final contingencies are not removed from their loan so the paperwork is stopped.  Once this is fixed, paperwork continues and needs about 48 hours.  Which really sucks cause they are expecting to move tomorrow. They’ve done everything they should and have their truck dropping all their contents tomorrow and the cable guy is to make an appearance. We’ve agreed to let them take ownership prior to the closing expecting all to be final within 5 days.

I was in Rust Belt City last week for meetings and stopped by the house. I left a six pack of Burning River in the fridge with a “Welcome to Rust Belt City” message. I truly hope they enjoy the brew and not think we are total assholes!

2 thoughts on “one last #%^&%$#@

  1. Dude, nobody is going to think you’re assholes. You left them beer for god’s sake! Vandalism can happen to anybody, any time, regardless of the neighborhood. Just one of those crap things….

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