• trash night
  • amusement park any night of the week
  • inflatables allowed at the pool
  • grocery store floor plan
  • view from my office
  • shower with a bench
  • bathtub I can lay down in
  • lack of porch next door to drink on
  • no pub with a patio (not yet anyway)
  • walk to the mailbox
  • beverages allowed at the pool
  • multiple foreign languages at the pool
  • every night at the pool
  • sunburnt in June
  • birds in the roof
  • friendly help at big box home improvement store and lots of it
  • gifted testing
  • manicured lawn
  • too many bathroom sinks to clean
  • how to drive a dyson with a ball
  • not walking in rain from garage to house or house to garage
  • air conditioning not by way of window units. wait, i can hear you
  • no husband in the house while i’m at work
  • recycle bins
  • lifetime = 3 minute commute

2 thoughts on “adjustments

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