a spy in my own house

In my new home office, I get to sit at my desk, stare out the front window and watch all of the going ons in my ‘hood. (My grandmother would be so proud of me keeping track of everything and everyone! She’s the best at it.)

These past 10 minutes have been by far the most entertaining to date.

Let me set up the photos you are about to see. We decided to use Scott’s Lawn Care. We would use Good Nature (a rockin’ company in Cleveland owned by a friend of Mike’s from college), but they haven’t grown this far south.  (FYI – also available for those of you in C-Bus). I digressed.

Back to Scott’s. The former owners of this place used them. I called. They have an organic program – kids & dogs & all. I signed up. This was weeks ago. No one was showing up. But being the patient person I am, I wait and wait. To find out if Mr. Scotts is ever coming to my yard.

He just arrived. And he parked out front. Where he proceeded to:

A) Blow his socks out with his leaf blower

B) Blow his shoes out with his leaf blower

C) Begin to seed/fertilizer/Mr Scotts up my yard

I can’t make this stuff up people.  And I obviously need to invest in some better spy equipment cause the photos are grainy & crappy!

And then you said...

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