the lies we tell

My kids are in summer camp.  (Screams of joy from both of them and me!) Will is in the big kids group (6+) that gets to go on field trips. Hannah is with the younger kids (4-5) and they don’t go on fields trips.

Field trips happen once a week on Wednesdays.

Yesterday was Wednesday.

As I do most afternoons, I picked the kids up at camp yesterday. Camp is run by a bunch of college age students so to me they all look like about 14. I’m still learning their names as there’s about 100 kids and 10+ camp counselors.

Unknown to me camp counselor approaches me and says: “Since Hannah turned 6 yesterday she can now go on field trips.”

Hannah is standing next to me and slowly slides behind me so she’s completely hiding.

Me, with super large grin on my face, informs the counselor: “Hannah did not turn six yesterday”

Counselor: “How old is she then?”

Me “She had her birthday in early May and just turned 5″

Counselor “OMG! She was totally convincing that she’s now 6.  She’s hysterical”

Me: “OMG! Yeh! She’s HYSTERICAL!”

Counselor: “She even asked one of her little friends ‘Why didn’t you say happy birthday to me yesterday?'”

Me, attempting to turn around to the 5 year old sulking behind my butt: “Hhhhannnahh??”

So yeh, it’s official.  She’s just like her Mommy!  Poor kid just wants to go on the field trips and is doing what she needs to do to go. Go get ’em little girl – Mommy’s proud of you!!

As an aside, she likes to push the grocery cart. I like to fill it. I’m in love with her random selection of items in the photo below. Everything from sidewalk chalk to Margaritas. All with a little sass.

I love you Hannah!

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