wen? now

No that’s not a typo. I succumbed to Chaz Dean’s Wen infomercial at 7am this week while traveling and sitting alone in a hotel room. Note to self: you are vulnerable in such situations.

No longer will I shampoo my hair. I’ll now wen it. I’ll be wenning it. It’ll be wen’d.

I am not to expect lather. Lather = bad.  Wen with no lather = good.

Chaz is so thrilled to share this with me!

Thanks Chaz!  I’m super excited to have it shared with me for just $29.95 with auto ship & 2 free gifts. And check. this. out! Letter says: Gentle cleansing + healthy hydration in just one step. I’m all about one step! This product speaks to me!

With excitement & scissors in my hand, I cut open the box! BACK.THE.TRUCK.UP. Inside the box, my simple 1 step was turned into four and my scalp has been divided into 4 sections.

Alright Chaz! Only because I’m a huge fan of Jeff Lewis, the work he did in your “cottages” coupled with my apparent vulnerability at 7am when alone in a hotel room will I try your product. I expect my tresses to be healed in just one wen’ing. Just like your true-to-life infomercial promised me.

Results may vary so I’ll be sure to post my photos later!!

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