it’s hard to be so good-lookin

Like most nights, we were at the neighborhood pool on Tuesday night. Will, Mr. I can make friends with anyone, was in the pool and had group of about 5-6 kids asking his name. He says Will and suddenly we are all friends. (JERK!)

But then it got real funny!

Cute girl, who I later hear is going into 6th grade, but about as tall as Will (mind you he’s about to be a 2nd grader): “Do you have a crush on me?”

Will, chuckling: “I just met you like 2 seconds ago!!”

You tell her young man! And watch it little lady – you get to know him and you’ll have a crush on him before ya know it!

One thought on “it’s hard to be so good-lookin

  1. LOL! Last night at our pool Ladybug was swimming with a 7 year old and a 5 year old (she was taller than the 7 year old) and her father asked me if she could teach his girls to swim. I said, “Probably, though I’m happy to recommend our swim instructor!” Thinking of you and so happy you’re all settling in well.

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