lady liberty

FYI – it’s the 4th of July this weekend. Which means Tommy Hilfiger plaid clothes, pool parties, BBQs and bonfires on the beach. Right? Yeh, me neither. I’m not even sure we’ll see fireworks this year. EEEK – do I even deserve to be called an American??!

This weekend means sneaking outta work early today and slowly making my way back in on Tuesday. Hopefully morning-ish! The deck needs oiled, curtain rods need hung, ipads need played with and my daughter needs taken to the doctor for a possible UTI.

My nails are all grown out and in need of a fill, the garage needs empty and reorganized, Cars 2 needs viewed and some swimming pools need swam in.

I doubt I’ll do any of it in my collection of Tommy Hilfiger All American clothes. I doubt my kids will eat off a red plaid table cloth this weekend either. I do however have the ingredients on hand for s’mores. Just in case!

Happy 4th my FRIENDS! Play safe.

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