let’s try this again

I feel as if this blog has taken a backseat to recent life activities. Okay really just one activity and that was THE MOVE. I’d started this new adventure, ottmama.com, as a distraction. Something to keep me occupied when other life activities were boring the hell out of me! It was an attempt to entertain others while entertaining myself. Win win, right?

Then Mike got a promotion. Then I had to start house hunting. Then I had to analyze moving back to a place I thought we would never go again. Then I had to figure out how and when to relocate kids in school not in the middle of summer. Then I had to ready a house for sale (piece of crap!). Then I had to figure out if I could keep my current “real” job. Then I had to go on Spring Break. Then I had to buy a house by signing a million documents. Then I had to look at bank accounts and pay for two mortgages. Then I had to drink with some girlfriends. Then I had to go into denial that we were actually leaving. Then I had to hire movers. Then I had to buy a St. Joseph. Then I had to drink alone. Then I had to travel for work. Then I had to sell my old house. Then I had to watch magical men pack up my house. Then I had to actually move. Then I had to drive to Ikea 436 times. Then I had to shop online for important things like curtains & bathmats & pictures. Then I had to stalk etsy just cause. Then I had to get lost in a new grocery store. Then I had to have exhausting conversations over and over and over and over and over in an attempt to find friends again. Then I had to find some Summer Shandy. Then I had to find a doctor, a doggie daycare, tour some new schools and find a vet. (Yeh thass right! I had to find the Summer Shandy, then the doctor, dog stuff and schools.)

Somehow it’s now July. Now I’m going to make a solid attempt to be back. This will now be a priority.  I need it.  I need to talk to people. I need to know I’m making someone out there laugh. I need to know that the craziness of my life is so very similar to the craziness of your life but we just don’t have a chance to talk about it person. I need to write. I need to be creative. I need to be just me.

When I started this thing, this I’m a mommy that blogs but not sure I’m a mommy blogger cause I’m so much more, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.  When I registered ottmama.com, I didn’t realize there’d be a few days while my domain mapped (how friggin’ smart do I sound?) when I’d be advertising this:

That’s right! ottmama.com started out as a porn site. For a few days, nothing but porn. I’ve since changed course although my husband has images of how rich we could be if I’d stayed on that path. But ottmama.com isn’t an avenue for him to get rich, it’s for me to write and share. Laugh as well as bore. (Note to self: posts titled naked feet can also be considered pornographic)

Some days I’ll be funny, other days I won’t. Some days I’ll think I’m hilarious and so will you. Some days you won’t. But I’m going to keep writing. I’m going to keep sharing the adventure of my days. The mundane, the funny, the sad, the crap, the good.

I’ve never been shy. If something happens, you will probably hear about it. And I wanna hear from you. I have a comment section. You have comments and I wanna hear them. The mundane, the funny, the sad, the crap, the good.

You get the idea!

Hi. My name is ottmama and I have stories to share.