Pharaoh Poopenshower

This is the wise Egyptian man that my husband claims he goes to see every morning. My 7 year old son thinks his father is the world’s funniest man.

They’ve decided it’s a game.

We now also visit Pharaoh Poopenwipe, when it’s later in the day and not morning shower time. There’s Pharaoh Peeeenwash, which I believe is self-explanatory. And there’s Pharaoh Scratchenballs. Ok, I made up the last one, but let’s be honest.  These 2 are boys and it’s someone they go to see way too often. (Is it genetic? What is it? Hannah & I aren’t scratching around down there.)

So this is our house. This is humor among men. It causes me to want to find my very own Pharaoh Flyntoawarmislandandbealoneforamonth.

Any Pharaoh’s at your house? (Please tell me I’m not alone. I’m alone, aren’t I?)

And then you said...

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