best of the internets

(this was to post on Wednesday but apparently did not due to user error a technology glitch. If you did happen to see it, just read it again. Cuz it’s really really funny. Really!)

Are you ready? We are starting something new here at  Drum roll please….

It’s our weekly BEST OF THE INTERNETS (oh yeah, I’m shouting at you!).  You know the internets. That magical spiderweb of tubes and pipes that bring magic into your home. Assuming you have some kinda computer and router and wires and such. Otherwise those pipes and tubes are probably just your sewer.

Anyway, it’s our first best of the internets, the part of the week when I share with you some little golden nugget I found in the land of internets.

This week, it’s My Drunk Kitchen. I know, I know. I’m a couple months late on sharing this bandwagon with you but I’ve been enjoying MDK, as it’s know to regular viewers, for weeks now.  It’s simply that my best of the internets hadn’t started yet so I haven’t had the chance to share Hannah Hart with you. Cart. Horse. Tomaydo. Tomahdo. Whatever.

My Drunk Kitchen inspires me to cook. Which you know I can’t.  What I can do is drink. She combines drinking and cooking. Sometimes baking. Always beyond fantabulous! Yeah her!

Here’s one of my favorites (only watch if you are willing to piss your pants)

“JARGARITAS!!  A shit ton of limes. Tacos – the world’s ultimate fruit.”

I could go on & on about this one episode and about my new best friend Hannah.  She’s getting a ton of press and you probably already know about her. If you don’t and this is your first time watching, please enjoy kissing the next hour of your life away getting to know Hannah. I recommend enjoying Jargaritas while you watch. They are easy enough to make – just like a shot in a glass jar!

Now go watch more more episodes of My Drunk Kitchen. You can thank me later.

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