make me pretty

My design talents only go so far. And my far I mean like inside my head. I’ve had visions of what this site could look like but I have no talents in executing. I own a mac but in no way has that helped my design prowess. I still can’t execute. Here’s how this site came to be: I found wordpress. I found their templates. I mapped a domain, had a porn site for a few days and then played around within the confines of my template. I don’t like confines but sometimes accept certain limitations. Not very often and not very willingly.

I had no talents to break through the confines so there I sat. Clean, crisply designed in black & white Boring but yet a vehicle to share my writing.

Luckily I know people. People with much bigger talents than myself. And sometimes those people are family. Family, that cause they’re family, are willing forced to hear design ideas vomit from my mouth and help me create something magical. That magic is what you see today. The newly designed, freshly facelifted

He took the spermies paisleys floating around in my head with some free-spirited text and gave me a look. (wonder what he could do with my hair?) He gave me a ton of options and if I know myself, I’ll play around with the options in the coming days/weeks/months. I may switch templates, I may play with fonts. But the spermies paisleys are there to stay. I’ve always liked them; I’ve always doodled them. And I hope to make these changes late at night (like 8pm) or in the middle of the day when traffic is slow so as to not annoy. Awww, screw it. If you get annoyed tell me, remember change is good.

So thank you to Michael James Casey. The man who took my cluster of design “ideas” and turned them into my vision. He’s also the man that will build my beach house someday. I’m not kidding, the kid is beyond talented. Check him out here!

4 thoughts on “make me pretty

  1. First he has to build his mom a beach house then he could build one next door for you guys and we could be neighbors. Love the new site he did a great job and you are right he is beyond talented and so proud of him and proud to be his mom.

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