best of the internets – 3 places of magic

(best of the internets is back and maybe this time will actually post on Wednesday as planned! No human error technical glitches today. So look for this every Wednesday. It’ll become a habit. Kinda like crack. Hypothetically.)

Today we are going shopping. I know I usually hate it too. Yes, I’m a girl and I hate to shop. No I don’t buy Jimmy Choo shoes or MAC cosmetics. I don’t go to Nordstrom. I loathe the mall. I don’t shop fancy. I shop cheap t-shirts at Old Navy. I shop catatonically at Target. I shop for much unneeded items at TJ Maxx & Home Goods. I shop for stuff that always fits….pictures, accessories for my body & my house, clothes for the kids.

I can think of nothing worse that taking a pile of clothes to a dressing room which completely becomes a clusterfuck and I leave depressed. My hair is all discombobulated from all the crap going on and then off, superfast. My size never makes any sense – apparently I’m several sizes and where I shop, TJ Maxx, requires great patience. Something I’m famous for.  Racks & racks & racks & racks, then you find something magical. Then you put that magic on your body. Bye bye magic!

Which brings us to today’s best of the internets. I shop online and I’m starting to do it all the time. Most big box retailers have their online sites. I don’t shop there. Several chain restaurants allow you to order online for delivery. Yes, I use these site. And I’m still waiting for Dairy Queen to put something together.  Step it up DQ, summer’s almost over! (as if I only eat DQ in the summer.)

All of those sites bore me!

I’m guessing you know about etsy. I know you shop ebay & craigslist. If you don’t, you’re an idiot you should discover them.

Do you know about zulilly? If you don’t, you should must. If you see me on fb or follow me on twitter, you know I’m a big fan. Every morning at 9am, I get an email that informs me of today’s deals. Crap for the kids, your house, you. Stuff you don’t find at the mall. Stuff you really like. Stuff you really, really need & must should buy. Go discover it! Sign up for the emails. At the very least, I’m providing you one more way to waste time you don’t really have to waste. You’re welcome.

Nugget #2 for today. (Yeh, today’s best is plural. You’re spoiled.)

I’m in love but I’ve only just discovered. (Interesting historical note: started as a social networking site for gay men. It’s now a super cool online shopping site.)

I can’t speak to the full circle of – I haven’t ordered and received anything magically at my doorstep just yet. But I’ve wasted a lot of time looking at what they have to offer me. It’s modern, it’s unusual. Some of it is really, really expensive. Some of it is right in line with my budget. (FYI to my husband – yes we have a budget for online shopping. You just don’t know about it haven’t accepted it yet.)

So Check it out and go waste some more time! Here’s the generic link. This link is me whoring myexclusiveself out to you and I will get money to spend if you buy something. No pressure. Click either. I simply want you to enjoy shopping and waste more time on the internets. It’s a really magical place.

(Note on you’ve got to request an invitation and you’ll get an email back saying you’re invited but you’re # something in the thousands. My invite came back within hours as accepted & I was able to start shopping immediately.)

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