reality check

Vacation is over which means:

early alarm clocks. healthy breakfasts to make. places to be before 8am. laundry piles. rotten milk. grocery shopping. lunches to pack. cars to vacuum. sand to eliminate. conference calls. emails to answer. emails to ignore. kids to drop off. kids to pick up. overloaded DVR. piles of mail. bills to pay. photos to edit. no drinking lunch (well probably shouldn’t). dying cars which require shopping & replacement. doggie poop pick up. football practice. school supply shopping. arguments to be had at bedtime. hair to brush. deodorant to apply.

Life was easy when I simply had to roll over, stare at the ocean, decide if it was time to wake up, be okay saying no, trying again later to wake up, stumble outta bed, spray with sun screen, walk to beach, have some drinks, have some seafood, call it a day.

I know which one I prefer!

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