i’m faster than you

We have finally said goodbye to Mike’s rotten McDonald’s smelling Ford Escape with 136,000+ miles, a craptastic crack in the windshield, oils that leak and an amazing ability to hit top speeds of 20 mph while going uphill, regardless of that hill being in a neighborhood or the interstate. Yeh, we paid extra for that!

Once upon a time it was a car we loved. We bought it “together” and it was only weeks old when we took our new ride on our infamous Eastern Seaboard road trip, that included an engagement and visits with each of our families on the beaches we’d visited as kids.

But as I said, the thing now smells rotten and that glorious trip was many, many years ago. (I’m convinced there’s a McDonald’s cheeseburger w/extra pickles, 7 chicken nuggets and 42 french fries buried in there somewhere.  Don’t you worry though, I got out all the Cheerios before trading it in.) Yeh, some moron great salesman actually gave us some cash monies for the heap. I’d wanted to trade in this beaut months ago, but Mr Frugal kept his super nice ride a little longer than some of us desired.

The kids and I worked him real good about every Mini Cooper we’d see on the road. Magically through the powers of the internets, I found a few to test drive and we I dragged him & the kids around town looking for our new perfect ride. (Public service announcement: if part of your master plan includes going out just to look which actually means driving home a new car, don’t do it on Sundays when most dealerships are closed. Makes the whole car buying adventure even more challenging!)

But then we I found it.

And we love it. And I’m willing to race any of you off the line. On second thought, don’t bother. I’m faster than you.

And then you said...

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