only in my dreams

I hardly ever remember my dreams but last night’s was a winner as two upcoming events in my real life collided in my head. Let me share.

Who else is hearing all about the iHeartRadio concert in Vegas on their local radio station during the airspace between each and every song? Maybe it’s just me as I’ve driven 762 hours in the past 6 days and no, I’m not a cross country truck driver, but oh if I could strike up some conversations with them when I make a pit stop…but that’s a different blog post entirely in which I wanna strike up conversations with random strangers and have it be okay.

So back to me, my head and the middle of the night. I’ve got this concert that I’m hearing about constantly. Then there’s my impending 20th class reunion. (Yes for Kindergarten. I’m young dammit!). A former classmate has done an amazing job putting this together, tracking us all down, mostly on facebook so we can all stalk eachother before we show up at a bar in our best spanx apparel. We’ve got a long road trip to get there but are dropping the kids with family, putting the dogs in the kennel then spending some quality time all alone in a car for lots of hours. How romantic! Mike – are you bringing the candles or am I?

Still with me? We’ve got the iHeartRadio concert and we’ve got my 20th reunion filled with spanx. Here’s the dream: My husband and I drive to Madison. Uneventful. We get to hotel where I proceed to freak out as I have nothing to wear. (Naked to my 20th? Probably not.) I ask him what he’s wearing. He informs me he’s not going. Um, where are you going I ask as my freak out hits a new level!??! He’s going to the iHeartRadio concert with Jay-Z. Oh of course!

Do we listen to Jay-Z? Can I name a song he sings? Are we close personal friends? Answers to all of those questions are surprisingly no. But apparently Mike has hooked up with him and they are now heading to Vegas together.

I ask Mike how the hell he’s getting to Vegas!? On Jay-Z’s private jet of course. Of which is flying into Madison to pick Mike up.


Here’s what we’ve learned: I’m unsure of what to wear to my Reunion. My husband has a new BFF in Jay-Z and apparently we roll on private jets.

To My Former Classmates: If anyone is flying in for the reunion and spots Jay-Z’s plane at the airport, can you give me a call? Just in case.

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