my official house rules

  1. Find something you really like about yourself and hold on tight to it.
  2. Reality tv really makes me smile. Other people think it’s trash. Don’t let others opinions create your own. Be your own person.
  3. Find your true loves.  They will come in so many shapes & sizes. And will be in the form of persons, places & things.
  4. What you put in & on your body really matters – thoughts, food, tattoos, chemicals, drugs, other people, what have you. Be nice to your body.
  5. Be a good sleeper. You need it & your parents need it.
  6. You will judge people. Be careful. You will be very right and very wrong.
  7. Realize someone has to do the dishes, scrub the toilets & pick up your clothes. You are probably that someone.
  8. Bad words will come out of your mouth. Learn to apologize.  And mean it.
  9. Learn to make toast & boil water. Everything else is available as take out.
  10. Whatever you’re doing, do it laughing.

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