ready. set. pose.

We need to purchase a camera. Apparently our camera:

  1. Chose to stay in the old house & not make the move with us
  2. Jumped off the truck on the drive down
  3. Is hiding in some box I don’t yet realize still needs unpacked
Our current cameras are our iphones. And they work relatively well. And I’m in love with Instagram. But I’m not getting really great photos of my kids. The photos are grainy. My kids aren’t grainy in real life (cept that week we spent on the beach). I can hardly see what I’m shooting when the sun’s out. I’d like to see the photo before taking the photo. Call me cahrazy!
So, what camera should I buy? To which you’ll ask me what’s my budget. I don’t know. Think hundreds, not thousands. I’m not fancy. I just want a great camera for some great photos of the people, places and things around me.

9 thoughts on “ready. set. pose.

  1. I LOVE my Panasonic Lumix. It has a Leica lens, which have a pretty good reputation. I know lots of people that have DSLR camera’s that find they are too bulky to tote around with the kids and find themselves reaching for this compact camera. Takes great High Def video too. Mine has a 10x optical zoom. I would recommend a high optical zoom rather than paying extra for really high megapixels. Don’t really need anything above 8 MP unless you’re planning on printing life size posters of will. They run about $200-300. Costco is a great place for these. They throw in a memory card and case. I will txt you a photo of one that I was researching for angi from costco. Enjoy! MISS YOU!!!

  2. Didn’t save the photo on my phone. Figures. Costo place to go though, great customer service and support. Don’t go to bestbuy, Nothing but trouble there.

    1. May have to hit Costco this weekend! I’m struggling with the DSLR size as well. Can I go from an iphone to this huge thing? I’m guessing no, but is the photo quality all that much better.

      Life size photos of Will? Hmm, need something over the fire place. Him, in uniform as center in position staring down as I watch Real Housewives?

      And finally, I’ve left the front light on for you. Let me know when you’re coming!

      1. Trust me, the DSLR will drive you crazy. Think carrying a diaper bag around, by the time you have the lens, bag, etc. Then you’ve spent all this money and you don’t want to take it to the beach and get sand in it, or throw it in your purse for the priceless moments that weren’t planned. I keep mine in my purse all the time. Bet most people couldn’t even tell the difference. Check out to get reviews and videos of all sorts of techy things.

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