ready. set. pose.

We need to purchase a camera. Apparently our camera:

  1. Chose to stay in the old house & not make the move with us
  2. Jumped off the truck on the drive down
  3. Is hiding in some box I don’t yet realize still needs unpacked
Our current cameras are our iphones. And they work relatively well. And I’m in love with Instagram. But I’m not getting really great photos of my kids. The photos are grainy. My kids aren’t grainy in real life (cept that week we spent on the beach). I can hardly see what I’m shooting when the sun’s out. I’d like to see the photo before taking the photo. Call me cahrazy!
So, what camera should I buy? To which you’ll ask me what’s my budget. I don’t know. Think hundreds, not thousands. I’m not fancy. I just want a great camera for some great photos of the people, places and things around me.