the routine

Tonight is Open House at Will’s new school. We get to meet his teachers, drop off school supplies and get a general lay of the land before school starts next week.  School starts next week. How did that happen? It seems only yesterday a ginormous moving truck pulled up in front of our house and off we went on our new adventure.

Our new adventure is now months old. To say it’s flying by would be an understatement. To say it’s been easy would be an understatement. To say it has me feeling spoiled and incredibly lucky would be an understatement.

Tonight at the Open House, I will know several Moms in Will’s classroom. One from football, a couple from the street and one that happened to sell me this house. (Yes, one of those moms is THAT mom who saw me in my finest hour!! Can’t wait). I use the term “know” loosely but all of the faces in the room will not be strangers. That feels really good.

Sure the first couple of trips to the grocery store sent me over the edge. But now I’ve got it. We have a routine. And I’m ready for what the new school routine brings us next week.

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