one hundred

I started several months ago and according to my blog tracker magical thingy dohickey, I’ve apparently had 99 quality things worth sharing. This stellar post puts us over the top at 100.

All 100 top notch stories spouting a wealth of knowledge, motherly insight and my take on life in my very own sarcastic way. It’s been 100 things that I thought you’d wanna hear, make you laugh, make you feel sorry for me, make you wanna love me back. As I tell my stories and you tell me yours, I’m learning we are all way more alike than we are different. TANGENT: Except all of you have sleek, pretty hair and well, the Wen isn’t magic, Chaz Dean is fulla crap and I look like a 1960s housewife with my scarves these days but whatever!! I’ll have long hair hair that hits my shoulders in 7 years so stick with me.

In celebration of my 100th post I’ve come up with a new idea: My Greatest Hits. I think it’s a concept that could really catch on.  You know, you’ve done something for awhile, then you collect the best and put it one location. A compilation if you will. I’m thinking this could be huge for the music industry. Anyone out there got Clive Davis’ phone number?

I’ve poured myself a cold one and collected some of my favorites and you’ll find them below. In my very own (insert fancy words here) Top 10 11 Greatest Hits compilation.

the definition of (h)ott mama

i’ve found hell on earth


i burned my muffin top

the little things

what are they teaching?

pharaoh poopenshower

my official house rules

does this make me look fat?


C to the L to the E

And then you said...

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