i’m gonna get you sucka

We are one week into our morning hussle, hassle, pretend we can get ready in 25 minutes, morning routine in preparation for the school day. We’ve got a little something something down and have been where we need to be for 5 straight days! Yeh, we rock!

Once we make it into the car to drive H bomb to school my mind goes on full auto-pilot and I ignore all the crazy ass “bantering” between the 2 kids 2 feet behind me.

Until Will attempted the following yesterday. The scene: stoplight, behind school bus and approximately 482 cars on 2 lane road halfway to Hannah’s school.  Bantering, bantering, bantering, ignoring, ignoring, ignoring and then:

Will: that’s an odd place to hang a pinata!

Me: What? Where do you see a pinata?

Will: HA! Made you look. I LOVE that game.

Me: Ha! You’re funny. (in my head: damn. I fell for it and allowed my auto-pilot to be interrupted. MUST. BE. STRONGER. THAN. 7 YO. AND. HIS. TACTICS)

20 seconds later….

Will: That’s a weird place to put a piano.

Me: No reaction

Will: And why is someone playing it?

I must admit I turned my head. But I DID NOT say anything. Which is kinda like no reaction! This kid is smart & strong. I must improve my auto-pilot skills if I’m going to make it on these car rides until June.