valuable body parts

I made my famous pancakes this morning as I do most weekends. They are a big deal. They involve 3 ingredients, a blender, a griddle and a spatula. (I know – enough already! Huge task to take on each and every weekend!! But since I rock so much I took one for the team and made them AGAIN.)

I also set the table. That said, I’m done with house chores for about a week. Maybe more. Except that I have children and apparently only “bad mommies” stop taking care of their family. And we all know I’m a great mommy. Right up there with Betty Ford, Rachel Zoe and Martha Stewart all those other hott mommies that are afraid of the kitchen!

Since I’m not looking to stop taking care of my family, only asking for some assistance on the big projects, we put Hannah to work this morning. A huge, cumbersome task which she quickly shot down:

H bomb (sitting at the table): I need a napkin. No one got me a napkin this morning.

Mike: use your legs and go get one.


Me (with my apron on, slaving over the hot griddle): This is the last time I mix 3 ingredients together for you little lady!!

And it seems as if I need to become that Mom that says “Your legs aren’t broken. Use them!” over and over and over and over. Silly me! I went into this whole mommy thing knowing some body parts were going to need some explanation. I’ve been lucky enough to already get some of those questions and give some spectacular, probably not anatomically correct answers but I didn’t realize “how to use my legs” was a chapter we’d need to cover!

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