friday night lights

Earlier this summer, after only being in the ‘hood a couple of weeks, I talked to a couple of the moms at the pool about football. Actually, they told me about football. That both of their boys, same age as Will were playing and I should sign up. Sounds good. Age 7. Football. We’d done flag football one year. Meet new friends. I can so do this!

So I find the site and I sign up Will. We are late adds and got put with Team V. The moms were on another team, but I thought that’s okay, I can meet new moms on the team while still hanging with these girls in my blanket and bowls of ice cream at the pool.

Holy crap! Did we move to Texas? In what felt like only a few hours, I received 576 emails I’d missed that had been sent to the other teammates over the past 4 months. Fees, equipment pickups, camps, physicals, practices. Did you hear me? Holy crap!! All apparently happening within the next 4 days. I take it back. I can’t do this!! At this point in time, I’m the only one in the house getting all of these emails. I can’t keep track of everything. Upon my brain exploding, Mike and I get divorced about 6 times as I ask him to “take over football” while continuing to forward emails and follow up and forward emails….

All that said, this football thing might be one of the best things we’ve done! I gotta be honest there was a little bit of both Mike and me, that upon realizing this is SERIOUS football, kinda hoped Will’s coach and team would suck. They’d all be mean, super hard on him, weather would be too hot, pads too much and he would want to quit. I’m all about telling my kids “no you signed up for this. you have to follow thru.” ‘Cept in this scenario I didn’t realize I was signing up for football 4 nights a week, 2 hours a night for lots and lots of weeks.

Let me repeat. This is one of the best things we’ve done! Our team rocks. The kids, the coaches, the other parents. We, not just Will, are having a blast. Will is playing Center and a couple different positions on defense. He tore up the field last night on defense. (Guess the kid loves the rain! Like his height, blonde hair and amazing ability to tan I don’t understand where he gets it.)

Football has given us great new friends, most who get my twisted sense of humor. Sunday football parties will live on in our new house (as apparently we’ve been put on the drinking football team! Yes, sometimes stars align). The moms from the pool have turned into good friends and I’m getting to know the moms from the team better each night. Will gets stronger and stronger and keeps having more & more fun. Hannah’s met several player siblings and has a blast at practice rockin’ the playground while giving a bunch of the boys a run for their money (thassss my little girl!). I own a lot of Spirit Wear and have considered a magnet for the minivan. (What’s happening to me??)

As many of you know, I’ve always been the loud girl on the sidelines. I still am. Only now I’m yelling for My Sunshine (he’d rather be called Thor)! And I’m so friggin’ proud of him!!

2 thoughts on “friday night lights

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you’re in the neighborhood. We’re looking forward to many good times! Can’t wait for these famous Sunday football parties I keep hearing about! Cute pic of Will.

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