climbing the walls

I gave birth to a little girl so tough I’m surprised she didn’t come out riding a BMX dirt bike. She’s tough. She’s independent. She’s hard core. (I don’t know where she gets it!)

Since she’s only 5, I’m limited in what kind of extracurricular activities are options. We tried ballet. She put on her tutu and stomped around the dance floor like an elephant. While she loved it and was easily the best stomper in the room, a ballerina she wasn’t meant to be. We tried soccer but while she enjoyed it, she didn’t love it and I hated sitting in the rain. So we didn’t sign up again.

What we did find and just signed her up for is Rock Climbing. I believe she’s found her Nirvana. There’s a climbing wall at our gym and she rocked it during summer camp. She had her first formal class this week. She threw on her harness and was set to go. The instructor asked who wanted to take on the expert wall. One little girl shot her arm up into the air. And up the wall she went.


This isn’t an expert wall as it relates to 5 year olds. This is the expert wall at the gym. And my 5 year old just schooled it!

I love you little lady! Keep climbing…

2 thoughts on “climbing the walls

  1. While I love all of your blog posts, this one truly brought a smile to my face today. 🙂 Atta girl, H. Go get ’em. And if you ever want to come over and ride 4-wheelers with us, there’s always an open invite.

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