9 years as an ott

I said I do 9 years ago today to Mr Ott. Since then we’ve lived in 3 houses, had 2 kids, lived in 3 different cities, rescued 3 dogs, put one dog to sleep. Traveled to the other side of the world and over the oceans. And did some other stuff here and there. I don’t know that I had a vision of what married life would be like. Did you? Nor did I grow up with any grand visions of my wedding day.

But it was a spectacular day! Here are my 9 year old memories:

  • Doors open and I begin walking down the aisle with my Daddy.
  • We get to the altar (Yes, in a Catholic Church) and first words outta my mouth were “holy shit.” Let me reiterate, yes in a catholic church. At the altar. In front of Father Ed. I was overwhelmed by it all.

  • Mike’s breath reeks of alcohol. Come to find out he and his posse hit the umm “bars” the night before.
  • Yes we say our vows and our I DOs.
  • I ask my bridesmaids, after the ceremony, to cut off my tulle train. They freak on me & don’t want to do it. I turn into Bridezilla and demand it.
  • We take a trolley tour of the city.
  • We have our amazing reception.

  • 2 days later Mike and I fly 1st class to Hawaii (thank you Mr Ott for traveling all of the time for work and frequent flier miles.)
  • Long flight CA to Honolulu. In fancy 1st class, I get a mimosa before taking off. I proceed to spill it all over my pants. New husband and flight attendant decide it’s best for me to take my pants off and let them dry. I can cover myself with a blanket. Sweet!  We haven’t even taken off and Mike’s got my pants off. He was so proud of himself.
  • Bus ride after landing in Honolulu to Hotel was NIGHTMARE. We finally arrive and woman at front desk calls me Mrs Ott. I freak wondering if Janet (MIL) is there. Oh wait, that’s me.
  • In the morning we fly over to Kauai and the next 2 weeks are easily the best time we’ve ever had!

Now it’s 9 years later. The kids are older. Real life has taken over. We fight over clothes on the floor. We fight about the dishes. We fight about changing lightbulbs. I kick him outta bed cause of the OH MY GOD YOUR SNORING IS GOING TO BRING THE HOUSE DOWN.

But he cooks. He cleans. He’s an amazing Daddy. And he continues to love me even with all of my real life shit!  He had knee surgery last week which has made him pretty helpless. I’m pretty lucky I’m the one who gets to take care of him.

I love you Mike!