just stick a pencil in it

Let me start by asking a question. Are you taking your refrigerator for granted? Have you thanked your refrigerator for all the great work it’s done for you lately?

Or do you just go about your day, assuming it’ll keep things cold, doing what it should while you go about your day doing what you should?

Yeah, I was the latter. I took my refrigerator for granted. That was until 3 weeks ago. (And apparently in those 3 weeks all I’ve focused on is my refrigerator and haven’t written crap on this blog.  SORRY DAD!)

Our refrigerator took a big shit (again SORRY DAD – such a potty mouth!) about 3 weeks ago! Our big fancy stainless steel, I dispense water, I can cube or crush your ice and I can keep all your fancy food from the grocery store take out cold refrigerator DIED. Dead. Regrouped and thought 60 degrees was cold enough for dairy. And ketchup. Dead. No more worky. Stupid thing was no longer folding my clothes either!

Well lucky us as we’d decided to get a home warranty when we “moved on up.” And how amazingly helpful are these fine folks at Mr. Home Warranty company that they like to come to my house every week just to try to fix the problem again and again? So very SUPER helpful! Let me just say that the technician sent yesterday (visit #3) fixed it with a pencil. A friggin’ PENCIL.  A pencil I supplied no less! (Please see exhibit A below with sparkly, fancy pencil in upper left corner)

That’s right. Our big fancy stainless steel, I dispense water, I can cube or crush your ice and I can keep all your fancy food from the grocery store take out cold but I can’t fold your laundry refrigerator is now on life support being held together by one of my children’s sparkly, fancy pencils.

Until tomorrow when the third and I’m hoping final part is received. Which then gets to sit in my house, untouched, until super helpful technician can get himself back over here. NEXT Monday! I guess it’s super-busy appliance repair season.

Until then I’ll just have to

(a) fill this fridge without knocking out the fancy, sparkly pencil keeping the damper door open (yeah I know what a damper is. I also know about misters, not Mr’s., evaporators and control boards.  Curious to know any more about a Whirlpool Gold? Give me a ring. I’m tell ya what you need to know and send you a sparkly pencil!)

(b) continue to keep my food in the emergency, newly purchased at 7am from my new best friends at Lowes, Frigidaire refrigerator now in the garage. Hello new Beer “Food Overflow” Fridge!

And yes, that’s a fancy bottle of fancy champagne from our housewarming 5 months ago. Thassss just how we roll. FAHHNCY!

3 thoughts on “just stick a pencil in it

  1. you’re killing me, here… catching up on your posts… you need to self-publish – get this shit out there (sorry Dad… ; potty mouth #2)

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