the pencil. part 2.

Here’s a little of how my day went: Refrigerator guy came again. 4th time. 3rd guy. There’s still a pencil in my fridge. It works less than when he arrived. He was here for more than 2 hours. A part is coming “soon” and a tech is coming Wednesday. I am about to go ape shit on my home warranty “partners” & Sears as Wednesday will be 1 month without a refrigerator in my kitchen.

Hannah came into our room at 1am last night with a raging fever and a raging headache. Neither of us got much sleep. Then it was morning. She went to the doctor, was diagnosed with a virus and prescribed ibuprofen and gatorade. She starting sleeping about 1pm and slept till 730. She got up and had some gatorade.

Red gatorade that she just vomited all over our off white/beige/not appropriate for vomiting children colored carpet. A call to Stanley Steamer is in my future. Thank god cause I was getting bored with nothing to do. The 5 extras cans of Spot Shot I just ran out for at Kroger aren’t doing the trick.

Oh and today is Mike’s birthday. He’s still on crutches. He’s not happy. I’m not happy. “Happy Birthday Mike!”

I’ll try not to run away tonight.

With my new iphone 4S, delivered by Mr UPS around 9 am this morning. The phone that was nice to me and activated and synched just like it should. My synched up twitter account is telling me not everyone was as lucky as me today. I wonder if they have cold food in their refrigerators? Or sparkly pencils for backup?