just give me a section

So when you give yourself 40 minutes to pack your suitcase, shower, glamorize, pack lunches & get 2 kids off to school you’re bound to forget something.

I knew I was leaving the house without hairspray and tights. But that’s why they built a Walgreens around the corner from my house. For travel size hairspray (damn you terrorists & my four ounce limit!) and something to cover my “winter” legs.

What I didn’t realize I’d forgotten was realized as I walked down the jet bridge. I have NOTHING to read! Sure I’ve got my iPhone & some downloaded books but there are 3 magazines sitting on my nightstand just waiting to go on this trip. I’ve got my Fortune magazine to blend in with this guy sitting next to me in his fancy blue blazer. I’ve got my Real Simple magazine, though I’d argue there’s nothing simple about 400 pages of ideas to make my life simpler. And then I’ve got my Vanity Fair. My I love trash but I’m way high brow compared to you & your Life & Style and OK magazine.

But I have none of these with me. Then I realize maybe I’ll be ok. There’s gotta be something in the SkyMall catalog that I just HAVE to have. (imagine how great a statue of BigFoot would look in the front yard? Wonder if I’ve gotta call the HOA on that one? Nahhhh)

Crap! There’s no SkyMall catalog. There’s not even the Delta magazine to tell me what drinks are available or the layout of airport terminals I’m not even visiting today.

But then I think I’m about to be saved. The blue blazer guy next to me pulls out his USA Today. His USA Today with many, many sections. Not all of which can be read at one time. In my head: Offer me a section of your paper. Offer me a section of your paper. OFFER ME A DAMN SECTION OF YOUR PAPER!

He offers me no section of his paper. And I determine we will not be friends. What I will be is the cute girl starring out the window obviously deep in thought. It wasn’t that I didn’t have anything to read. I just chose not to!


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