i don’t even know you.

For those of you that stalk me on this blog, and let’s be honest, it’s really the only reason I write, you know we’ve recently moved. I guess it’s not even recent anymore since it was months and months ago. (damn I still have some rooms to put together and light switches to figure out!)

And all of this creating a new life, new friends, new routines has me thinking about all my old friends, old lives and old routines. I’ve come to realize I don’t even know you anymore. And I don’t like it!

You can tell me it’s the circle of life. (Anyone else doing their best Elton John/Lion King impression. Just me? Shocking!) But I don’t like it. I like knowing the new people. I just wanna know more about the old people.

We used to know everything about each other. Now I don’t know the names of your children. We used to pass each other every day in the hallway or the sidewalks of campus. Now I wouldn’t even be sure if I passed you in an airport. (I, however, look the same. I look exactly the same!) We used to make faces at each other in a conference room while something “oh so not important” was being said. Now I’m not even sure where you work or if you work. We used to drink together while the kids played in the other room or the daddies took them while we went out to dinner. Now I wonder if we’ll ever go out to dinner again?

I get we all move on. I get the distance makes it hard. But it seems life gets in the way and even with all the ways to keep in touch, we don’t.

If you think I’m writing this about you, I probably am. Tell me what you’re doing. Tell me more about your family. Pretend we are in or on a bar stool, a couch, a roadtrip, a conference room (preferably of the “small” variety), a bed, an airplane, an aisle at Target, an aisle of the grocery store, a classroom, a mountain top or a beach.

Tell me about you. I don’t even know you, and I so want to know you again!

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